company history

Improve has a long and storied history in the world of Software development within Training and Performance Improvement industry. We have been pioneers in the industry for many years and are known for taking innovative steps. We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here. Our cooperation with ResultatPartner (ResultPartner) is the reason to our success.

  • 1991

    start with a small service

    This was the time when we started to join cooperation with ResultatPartner driven by their philosophy of making measurable result partnering with customers and clients. . We had no idea how far we would go, we weren’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years. What drove us to start the company was the understanding that we could provide a service no one else was providing. We believed in making results in partnership with our clients. We also thought we needed to dig deeper in order to make sustainable results, and we knew we would need to work closely with the human factor. So we named the company ResultatPartner (Result+Partner), we drew a person and a triangle surrounded. Then a circle formed the process philosophy - and all of a sudden - we had drawn our Business Philosophy on a piece of paper. Furthermore we believed in making measurable results, with clear evaluation and analysis of skills, knowledge and behaviour, with clear KPI`s (Key Performance Indicators), clear goals and strategies to improve performance in 3-6 milestones ahead. All was noted down in word forming the first version of a Development Contract. AT that time we spent 2,5 hours to develop this Training and Development contract especially hard was to find and structure Trainings to improve the weak areas manually:).

  • 1995

    first Software

    This was the first period when ResultatPartner actually felt like it would stick around for a while. We realized we were growing more stable and expanding at the same time. We needed a new office as we had severely outgrown the last one. We started scouting for a new location. At the same time we was already well known for our practical ways to improve performance and we had almost no competition challenges. But we wanted to become better in our deliveries. We asked a small IT company for help in development of a Software who could run our Evaluation and Analysis as well as Training processes faster and stronger. It ended up by choosing a Technology called Visual Basic in combination of some OCR techniques. And BOOM! - here we finished in 6 months developing our first Software who improved our processes with 1000% as well as we got a structured way to handle the important follow up.

  • 2005

    first Microsoft platform

    By this time we were a well known name within the industry. We had been prominent members of the industry for more than 14 years and worked for some of the biggest clients in the industry; we weren’t dismissed by anyone because we could not be dismissed by anyone. Then we started to Develop our Improve Systems from scratch using Microsoft Technology, ASP.Net 1.0. Wow - it really had its breakthrough and more big clients come in.

  • 2018

    Global Strategy - Improve Global Health and Performance

    Our journey has only brought us higher. Information Technology completely changes the way we analyze and present data. We have embraced new technologies and have ensured that our clients receive cutting edge analytics. As we go on towards the future we intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to power our services. Aiming to become a market leader by end 2022 is demanding new Technology like Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Neural Processes, Training Chat Bots, Chat Forums. Scalability and Financial Investors will help us succeed globally.

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“In 2012, Vizada Networks was looking for a professional Sales Training course, who could tailor the training course to meet our needs.
ResultatPartner and Ronny developed the Training content from scratch and in order to gain sustainable, measurable results; we used Improve Performance and Training Systems (IPTS) providing us a personal Sales Skills Profile with individual Training Plan and KPI`s as well as Knowledge Tests after each Training sessions. During the 5 months sales training course, Ronny conducted an excellent training for the entire sales team. Ronny was very inspiring giving examples from real life, as he understood the challenges we were facing within our business. Through his deep understanding of the sales cycle, we received excellent feedback and he and motivated and challenged us to think out of the box with focus on our competitive advantages. I enjoyed the training session and I strongly recommend him in any future sales training program.”

Stein Bexrud
Sales director, Vizada Networks

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