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About Improve Digital Platform

The Improve Digital Platform is for people who is passionate about cutting-edge ways to improve performance. It´s for dedicated people who wants to get and share knowledge and experience as well as relations in regards to performance management.

Whats in it for you

You may want to improve your own performance, your team, your organization and there is no better way to do that others than right here:).

About us

ResultatPartner and Improve Performance International have for the past 30 years worked for companies at all sizes improving measurable and tangible results. Our vision is to set a new standard within performance management and development through our Improve Performance Systems, Improve Training Systems. All web-based softwares.

What sets us apart

On the contrary to other networks we set high standards upon your membership in this Group. It will require willingness and effort to both sharing your knowledge, experience and Best Practise within performance management on a corporate and an individual level.

During the meetings and discussions members will build strong relationships with fellow men and women.


We are aiming to become a recognized provider of performance excellence software for leading companies and consultancy firms.

We provide

We will provide Train-the-Trainer programs for both companies as well as leading Trainers and Consultants.


Throughout the year we will invite members to join webinars with different topics. Please check our webinar page:


Currently our pricing model are free and paid for personal, corporate and professional/self-employed consultants. There are open community, personal or corporate, privately run opportunities.

Key take aways

As a contributing member we see following opportunities:

Leading companies and top ranked athletes will share their Best Practise.

Shared knowledge regarding performance management and in depth training.

Shared knowledge regarding strategy execution and change management.


As people are interested into different topics we will divide groups into different topics like:

  • Management and Leadership Development.
  • Health and Life Quality Improvement.
  • Sales Excellence.
  • Service Excellence.
  • Search & Recruitment.
  • Coaching and Performance Management.
  • Sports Performance Management and Training.


Please read more about our GDPR settings here (currently only in Norwegian):