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Improve and ResultatPartner (ResultPartner) was established back in 1991 and we have worked with almost all kinds of industries and corporate sizes. While Improve deals with Technology; ResultatPartner deals with corporate and Individual Training. Together its a unique combination as most Trainings back then and nowadays lack integration closing the gap between data and performance training. All we know is through feedbacks and requirements from our customers. It`s a proven methodology today we want to share with you.

Therefore most of the testimonials talk about ResultatPartner even though Improve has been “the engine to drive and document performance”.

The number of customers are above 400 corporations and for some reasons we wont list them all here. Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask about our experience within your industry and we will be glad to share these informations with you. Thank you for understanding.

Atea 200 x 200
Academy Development
Cisco 200 x 200
Cisco Systems
Leadership Training
BMW Norway
Academy Development
Flytoget 200 x 200
Academy Development
Vizada NEtwork
Leadership Training
Subaru 200 x 200
Subaru Norway
Academy Development

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