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Business Planning, Strategy & ExecutionStrategy execution

In order for any business to succeed they need to have the right planning, the right strategy, and the right execution of these things. ResultatPartner helps our clients to expand and grow by providing them all three. We know how important it is to have the right plan, if your plan is wrong then every step you take will be in the wrong direction as well. This moves companies away from their objective instead of towards it.

We study our clients deeply before suggesting any plan, because we have to ensure that we have all the variables in check.

Once we have a plan, we work with our clients on creating a strategy. Many people think strategy and plan are the same but we know better. We know that plan is what we try to achieve and strategy is how we are going to achieve it.

ResultatPartner – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Customer Excellence Program 2019-2022

Customer focus is our key to maintain competitiveness. Our Strategy 2019-2022 is aiming to become our customer # one choice; now and into the future. In order to reach our vision; our human- and corporate assets is key to reach our target goals towards growth and revenue.

Business planning & strategy

Planning Phase

  • Define strategic goals
  • Develop objectives
  • Develop strategic actions
  • Add and define Project teams and roles
  • Develop communication plan

Balanced Scorecard Development Process

  • A management model based on both financial and non-financial parameters. The philosophy points to the importance of understanding that other factors than just the economic “driver” of a company’s ability to succeed. Balanced Scorecard is always divided into perspectives and associated control parameters. (See control parameters and perspectives)

Comprehensive model:

Based upon a company`s vision and mission; the BSC methodology strive to translate strategic driving forces into comprehensive actions!

Research beyond the business plan

Planning Phase is the first, initial stage to run assessment on any level of entry; corporate, department, team, individual, client or even partner level.

Transforming goals and strategies into actions. Its the hardest part; therefore our system triggers and tracks actions towards goals in realtime.

Measure progress phase is about a structured way of giving feedback, evaluations, measure progress versus goals and analyze performance gap.

Business plan market

Once the right plan has been created for a company we work with them at creating a strategy that allows the plan to work. We look at the environmental factors of our clients and make recommendations about steps which can be taken to move in the right direction.

Dashboard and Scorecard

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“In 2012, Vizada Networks was looking for a professional Sales Training course, who could tailor the training course to meet our needs.
ResultatPartner and Ronny developed the Training content from scratch and in order to gain sustainable, measurable results; we used Improve Performance and Training Systems (IPTS) providing us a personal Sales Skills Profile with individual Training Plan and KPI`s as well as Knowledge Tests after each Training sessions. During the 5 months sales training course, Ronny conducted an excellent training for the entire sales team. Ronny was very inspiring giving examples from real life, as he understood the challenges we were facing within our business. Through his deep understanding of the sales cycle, we received excellent feedback and he and motivated and challenged us to think out of the box with focus on our competitive advantages. I enjoyed the training session and I strongly recommend him in any future sales training program.”

Stein Bexrud
Sales director, Vizada Networks

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