Performance Management & Training System

Vision statement

“Improve Performance and Training Management Systems is a one stop solution that addresses every component of a top performing training program. It will streamline your corporate training processes and provided visibility into your overall training performance giving you the ability to make smart decisions and move forward at a faster pace.


Our Mission; Improve the way we work, live, learn and play is about improving your performance in all walks of life. At work, at school, at home or at the field within Sport”.

First Class Features


An intelligent dashboard visualizing performance on all levels: One to One. Team vs. Team. One vs. Team. Corporation vs. Corporation. All of the above vs. Bench Mark.


Mature training system to create tailored trainings on all target users and performance levels! Skills. Knowledge. Industry flexibility.


Mature Profile Management System making it possible to develop and run surveys, assessments of skills, attitude and behaviour. A perfect tool to state current level of performance; baseline for performance improvement.


Mature and flexible system to adjust and adopt performance settings to different measure units like; numbers, %, time, weight, speed, knowledge.


Align mission, vision and goals through scorecards, dashboards and strategy maps. Get a first class view of your Financial, Customer, Process and Learning & Growth Perspectives and align customized Training to Improve weak areas.


We all know that the most important part in any improvement processes is to execute actions. People simple forget or make excuses. Well we have the solution for this. Our mature notification system sends out SMS and Emails to all stakeholders catching their attentions to improve performance!


Mature system to develop tasks towards personal and corporate actions aligned with calendar.


The Training Plan is a 100% customized plan to improve performance. Participants run self- and / or peer assessments and based on this KPIs, Goals and Trainings are planned, structured and measured by milestone evaluations.


Mature User and Organization Management System makes it easy to add and manage new users into the system. Taking care of the latest GDPR and Personalized Settings in a secure way.


With the Improve System you may add tailored and industry specific skills and trainings so it becomes 100% tailored into your branch and industry.


Get certified and become an improve system trainer and manage and run it yourself! We offer 2 + 2 days practical training through our On-Boarding Process.


Performance analytics to drill down and compare different aspects of performance. Be in and get control by analyzing and comparing your bench mark performance indicators versus your goals!

Why would you need a digital platform like Improve?

Tracking and Reporting

Realtime data gives you insight for decisions and actions.
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Integrate data into trainings

Seamlessly integrate realtime data into training and performance improvement plans.

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Measure & Follow-Up

Measure and follow up performance versus plans and make changes.

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Strategy development

Range of markets

Clear goals

Set SMART Goals and full speed ahead.


Run assessment, clear KPIs, Goals and Actions.


Execute actions – track performance and time!

Follow up

Follow up, give feedback and decide best practise.

Get set, plan, run, action!