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Performance Management FAQ

Moving toward your professional or personal goal is a process.
There are no “quick fixes”, although you may discover that the answers and/or solutions are close at hand, as coaching ultimately enables you to tap into your inner knowing more expediently.

Our one-on-one and one-to-many coaching program will help you clarify your work, business or personal objectives or equally; what drives teams. Together, we will determine your priorities and develop a plan of action. I will ask specific questions in order to unearth some core truths regarding your values pertaining to success, as the definition is unique for each person and forms an integral part of our work together, so you remain on course to achieve your goal.

frequently asked questions

Outcome of

What is the optimal outcome for performance management?

The performance management process should provide feedback on what the individual is doing well and what can be done better or differently. It is the basis for improved Specifically, the annual performance appraisal should include conversations about and documentation of these common elements: A review of your performance over the last year against established goals for the past 12 months, as well as identification of goals for next 12 months. An evaluation of performance against competencies that focus not on a rating, but on what went well, what needs improvement and what specifically can be done to improve.performance and overall professional development. The performance appraisal document is only one element of the performance management process, which begins with each manager setting specific goals and expectations for each employee to measure success in the job. An identification of your performance goals, aspirations and professional development needs to support your career goals. Performance goals should include specific actions that address the goals/needs of the department as well as developmental goals that address areas for professional development.


Your manager is responsible for conducting the performance appraisal and signing off on the final evaluation. However, managers are encouraged to seek input from others that you may collaborate with or support in performing your job duties.  In addition, the second-level manager is expected to review all the appraisals prior to performance discussions being held.


A Performance Development Plan – PDP – is a formal process of self evaluation through which you can look at your work objectives and performance and assess how successful or otherwise you feel you have been.   The discussion is used to identify individual contributions, provide feedback on performance and help overcome any problems. So that you can develop to your full  potential, in particular through the identification and meeting of developmental needs. Meetings is usually between employee and manager.


Head of Training

The Head of Unit / Head of Training retains full responsibility for the operation of PDP`s in their own area. Where they have not conducted the review personally, they still must sign off on the completed review of each employee in their own area, without sight of documentation. All Heads of Unit will be fully trained in PDP`s with a view to ensuring that they get maximum benefit from the process

As a Participant in a Training all staff will be fully briefed in PDP with a view to ensuring that they benefit fully from the process.

How does

It is a continuous cycle of planning, actions, training, feedback and performance-review, which seeks to improve skills and knowledge like communication, effectiveness and efficiency. Objectives for the coming year are jointly agreed for each individual or team. In order to achieve your goals, training and development needs may be identified and utilized to assist you, and your team in cooperation with your assisting manager.

Development Plan

What are the stages involved?

We have 3 stages:
  • The Pre review Stage
  • The Review Meeting
  • Post Review Stage
Details of what is involved tailored in cooperation with your organization but in general terms your performance reviews follows standard milestones of 6 weeks. You will receive performance-review notifications from Improve Systems and follow-up/review meetings are settled between you and your manager/evaluator to review actions and efforts regarding your KPI` and Goals.

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