High Performance Sales Coaching & Training

Presentation Skills

Sales presentation skills

Sales presentation skills are an expected skill of anyone claiming to be a sales person or sales executive. However, giving a sales presentation to a group of buyers, product engineers, marketing executives, etc. is worrying for many people. Presenting or speaking to an audience regularly tops the list in surveys of people’s top fears – more than heights, flying or dying. Presentation format, media and purpose vary a lot – oral, multimedia, PowerPoint presentations, short impromptu presentations, long planned presentations – but every successful sales presentation uses the principles and skills explained in this program.

Closing Techniques

Closing Techniques

Learn effective negotiation techniques to set the stage for a collaborative and mutually beneficial deal. During our training you will learn how to handle objections with ease of mind and clearing your customer true and false objections. You will learn how to control your mind and read your customer subconscious body-language as well learn how to read others body-language and how to behave according to it. You will learn effective closing techniques as well have you negotiate.



Prospecting is one of the most important skills and activities you run every week due to the change of customer buying process. It require a positive mindset, clear goals, good quality on the customer lists you are about to contact and of course, you need to know your telephone-pitch; the way you convince customers to visit you. We will do trainings about all this in a systematic way and we will measure your performance in 8 weeks.

Needs analysis


Needs-analysis is by far the most important part of the sales meeting. Just think about it for a moment; sales is about determining customer needs and based on that solutions are presented and offered accordingly. It require excellent skills in regards to ask the right kind of questions. To clear your customer most dominant needs and sometimes also create new ones; the ones he hasn`t thought off. The ones that gains trust and willingness to buy from you.

Decision Making

Decision Making

Whether it’s a single department or an entire organization, a company’s success is based on the quality of the decisions it makes. Should we expand the business, purchase new equipment, hire part-time personnel, or re-organize the department?

The outcome of good decision-making will be reflected in the retention of customers, the decrease in scrap, the reduction in employee turnover or a number of other significant bottom line issues. Good decision-making is not innate, nor does it improve with position or power. A good decision is the direct result of knowing your criteria for success, the scope of your choices and the inherent risk of each alternative. Given the importance of good decision making, it makes sense to have a process in place that the organization understands and uses to insure that decisions are successful.

High Performance Sales Coaching

High Performance Sales Coaching

All selling is not the same. During sales coaching our focus is pragmatic – what skills and techniques can be employed immediately to start seeing improved sales results? We don’t have the time or the patience to discuss too much theory: we are looking to coach all different types of sales opportunities – from large sourcing opportunities with OEM and Tier I automotive and specialty trucks to services such as P/C insurance producers, benefits and financial services – with selling skills and techniques appropriate for the selling environment.

And all of our sales skills are designed to beat the incumbent and the competition and grow your customer base. During the sales coaching we will establish action plans that we expect you to execute and we review the plans at the beginning of each session. This is our approach to sales coaching: more than just training, we roll-up our sleeves and bring years of selling, managing and training to offer strategies and tactics that will close more deals. Each sales coaching engagement is customized to leverage your strengths and we will hold you accountable for implementing coaching suggestions and recommendations. Kick it up a notch with a proven sales coaching to make 2019 your best year ever.

Training Diary

Most salespeople and sales managers agree upon this; It is more than ever a critical need to increase sales activity and quality in sales.

Therefore we developed Improve Systems more than 20 years ago offering an effective tool to run, track nd follow up sales activity and performance.

The Training Diary at the Improve Performance and Training Management Systems is a mature diary to run, track and measure your daily, weekly and monthly Trainings.

Vision statement

“Improve Training Management Systems software is a one stop solution that addresses every component of a top performing training program. It will streamline your corporate training processes and provided visibility into your overall training performance giving you the ability to make smart decisions and move forward at a faster pace”.

Training Diary

Dashboard - Start Training

Success Formula in Sales

Competition is noticeable, and we have to be better than our competitors to win the game! To be the best we have to train the skills that allow us deserves #1 place. There are no shortcut to success and you should stack up among the best in the industry as it is required to work as a top performer on the way. Our business is focused on, among others, to make your sales consultants and its sales managers fit. Fitness regarding sales performance and sales leadership is about attitude and skills. Mainly.

To develop sustainable and measurable performance, it will require an intensive program of at least 6 months to 12 months. Its about changing behavior and mindset. Improving bad habits. Improving structure and sales effectiveness. Improve activities and quality in sales.

Training with ResultatPartner is based on solving real life challenges in sales. Our trainings are concrete, defined, practical, motivational. We have extensive experience with training in various companies and organizations, with exercises drawn from participants’ work, resulting in immediate practical utility. Theory and practice rooted always in relation to the company’s mission, vision, goals and strategies. We also ensure that the expertise is implemented, which often is the hardest thing.

Our success is based on satisfied customers, good results and positive references.

Our resourceful people like to live up to high expectations, and take challenges in stride. We take pride in our work – because it makes sense!

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We build inspired partnerships and prepare the next generation of leaders to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace.

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We design and develop unique and powerful Training, Development and Recruitment solutions that fit your industry’s and organization’s needs and help you meet your real-world goals.

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We deliver sustainable and measurable results in partnership with you and your team.

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Strategy development

Key to Success

Activity &

Sufficient proactive activity with high quality.


Performance Dashboard and Scorecard with clear goals and actions.

Customer orientations

Customer orientations and close follow up.

Positive sales

Positive sales attitude, willingness to improve, endurance and motivation.

sales performance on the fly!