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Feng ZhuChief Technical Officer

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areas of expertise
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Technical lead
  • Branch Master
  • DB Master
  • CI Master
  • Server Master
  • Infrastructure Master
  • Master of Science
    Sep/2004- Jan/2006 Dept. of Computer Science, University of Kuopio (merged to the University of Eastern Finland)
    (Specialty: Computer Science. Major Line: Software Engineering)
    Master’s Thesis: Variability of Software Product Line
    Bachelor of Engineering
    Sep/2000-Jul/2002 Dept. of Information System and Information Management,
    University of Science & Technology of China
    Sep/2002-Jul/2004 School of Software Engineering,
    University of Science & Technology of China
    (Specialty: Software Engineering)
    Bachelor’s Thesis: A Management System for Software Development Engineering Based on Web
  • PhD candidate & Research Assistant
    December/2006 – December/2007 Dept. of Informatics, University of Zurich (Switzerland)
    (Specialty: Software Engineering. Research Topic: Software Product Line)

With over 15 years of experience in software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Mr. Feng Zhu has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand the technical aspects of development of a world class Software like Improve Systems.

Before entering ResultatPartner and Improve Performance Systems in early 2000, Mr. Feng Zhu started his academic education from the University of Science and Technology of China, in computer science with software engineering as his specialty. After getting his Bachelor’s degree, he continued to research more in software engineering in the University of Kuopio(merged to the University of Eastern Finland), from which he had his Master’s degree. In the December of 2006, he determined to go further on his academic road as a PhD candidate and research assistant in the University of Zurich in Switzerland, still dedicating to software engineering. While building his academic background, he always kept paying special attentions to the real industry where he believed he could harvest more practical knowledge than the one only from books, which was especially critical for researching software engineering in his opinions. So, he started his first job in Cisco Webex Communications, Inc. in Jan 2004, the last year of his Bachelor’s studying. From that time, he has been leaning to the industry closely all the time by working in multiple companies, domains, and countries, as a software developer, senior software engineer, technical leader, CTO, etc., with a solid working experience. “Books tell you much, but not all; you find more from the practical world with your books.” That’s his belief. That’s also a reason why he decided to pause his PhD researches after one year and go back to industry fully, after he realized he needed to investigate more practical projects from the real industry for his researches on software engineering than running the researches only in the laboratory. And indeed, he found a wise way to bridge his academic knowledge and practical skills tightly in these years.

Mr. Feng Zhu has solid knowledge and experiences in many aspects of software engineering, such as software product lines, software architecture, software development process, software modeling and design, software re-engineering, software testing, requirement engineering, programming, software business, organization management and project management, and so on. He has led the developments of kinds of IT systems successfully with strong technical knowledge, management skills, leadership, ownership, and team spirit, to help different organizations run their business excellently with technical supports. Meanwhile, as a senior member, he takes care of educating other members especially and has helped many people improve themselves in their careers like succeeding in an upgrade from an intern to a technical leader or stepping into their PhD studies; of course, this contributes to consolidate an organization’s technical department with better knowledge accumulation as well. “People are the most treasurable resources of an organization. You get your people good, you have your business good.” That’s Mr. Feng Zhu’s another belief. Besides the excellent knowledge of software development, he also had education experiences in business such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, political economy, accounting, E-Business, etc. This helps him understand the business requirements quickly and deeply. Also, this makes him excellent at seamlessly coordinating the technical department and the business department internally inside an organization, with coordinating an organization and its business customers well externally.

After work, Mr. Feng Zhu has wide interests on history, cultures, music, arts, sports, nature, science, travelling, reading, mysterious phenomena, and so on. By now, he has travelled to 49 countries with meeting different people, exploring diverse landscapes and cultures, and experiencing various stories. “Work is always just part of life. This world is so beautiful with full of colors, go to feel it by heart!” said by him.


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